Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly abused drugs?

  • Amphetamines (Uppers, Speed, Meth, Whites, Dexies, Crank, Black Beauties, Benny, Crystal, Jelly Beans, White Cross)
  • Cocaine (Coke, Crack, Snow, Flake, White Candy, Freebase, Toot, Blow, Nose Candy, Rock)
  • Marijuana (Dope, Pot, Reefer, Joint, Smoke, Weed)
  • Opiates:
      1. Heroine (Smack, Horse, Junk, China White)
      2. Morphine (M, Miss Emma)
      3. Codeine (School Boy)
      4. Hydrocodone (Vicodine)
      5. Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
      6. Oxycodone (Percocet, Percodan, Oxycontin)
      7. Oxymorphone (Mumorphan)
  • Phencyclidine (Angel Dust, Devil Stick, PCP, Dummy Dust, Wack)
  • MDMA (Ecstasy, Adam, XTC, X, Hug Drug, Beans, Love Drug, Lover's Speed)
  • Barbiturates (Downers, Dolls, Reds, Rainbows, Yellows, Blues, Goofballs, M&M's, Red Devils)
  • Benzodiazepines (Downers, Trangs)
  • Methadone (Done, Dolophine, Methadose, Dolls)
  • Methaqualone (Ludes, Sopor, Lemmon, Qualude, Mequiin)
  • Propoxyphene
  • GHB (Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid-X, Everclear, Soap, Easy lap, Goops, Georgia home boy)
  • Rohypnol (Rophies, Roofies, Roach, Rope, Circles, Mexican valium)
  • Ketamine (Special K, Lady Kay, Vitamin K, Jet, K, Keets, Super C, Catvalium, K-hole)
  • LSD (Acid, L, Blotter, Trips, Cid, Tabs, Microbids)
  • Anabolic Steroids (Testosterone & its synthetic analogs listed as controlled substances.  Androstendols, Androstendiones, their 19 non-versions, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Designer anabolic steroids)

How long are drugs detected?

Depending on the drug used, most drugs are detected in standard urine testing for 1-3 days; habitual/chronic use can be detected longer; Hair test reveals drug usage up to 90 days; and 24-36 hours in oral fluid testing.

What drugs are typically tested for?

One of the most common screening methods, urine testing is an accurate and reliable way to detect casual drug use that occurred within the last 72 hours. Testing is performed only by certified personnel.

In addition we offer a variety of test panels. Our standard urine specimen 5-drug panel test screens for the presence of the following drugs and drug classes.

The standard five panel screen consists of:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • Creatinine
  • Oxycodone

In addition to the five listed previously, a 9-panel screen tests for:

  • amphetamines
  • barbiturates
  • benzodiazepines
  • opiates

Are there other tests available?

There are many other tests available other than the 5-panel and 9-panel.  Customized tests can be provided.

Also, we offer criminal justice, work place and student testing. These tests are recommended to address the potential for drug abuse by offenders, employees, staff, and students due to the availability of narcotics, drugs of abuse, and alcohol.  It is suitable for pre-employment, post-accident, random and reasonable suspicion screening for employers, schools, courts, law enforcement, & corrections.  We particularly recommend this as it can help reduce employee turnover, reduce long-term costs caused by employee inefficiency, and reduce absenteeism, injuries, mistakes and theft. It also helps to maintain a high standard of quality, assurance, accountability, and professionalism for your organization.

When should drug testing be done?

Pre-employment drug screens are recommended for all employers.  This is the first step towards creating and/or maintaining a drug-free, cost-effective, highly productive workplace.  Thereafter, the drug-free workplace can be sustained by doing random, "reasonable suspicion", and post-accident testing. 

In corrections there are many reasons for drug testing;

  • Identify people who are using drugs
  • Offer help to people who have drug & alcohol problems
  • Results are used in court proceedings
  • Safety & security of the general public, jails, courts & officers
  • Help identify parents or guardians who are using drugs in child custody cases

How long does it take for results?

Results are typically reported in 24-72 hours.  All non-negative results go through a second test process to ensure accurate results.

Can I contact you to consult, discuss a test, or get advice concerning a test performed by another collection site, facility or laboratory?

No - our policy does not allow us to advise or consult with you concerning a test we did not perform.  Due to legal constraints, consultations and advice are reserved for clients and/or individuals for whom our facility has performed testing services. If we may provide you with drug testing services for yourself, your organization, company, etc., feel free to contact us.